About Us


Commercial Landscaping is our Passion!

 Visionscapes, Inc. is a full service commercial landscape company offering professional design, construction, and property maintenance services since 1985. We have a reputation, and established work history, for award-winning, top quality, on-time project installation regardless of the project size, and for premier property maintenance. 

We specialize in large scale commercial installation projects across the United States, having completed over 20 Life-Style Centers, Mixed Use Centers, Super-Regional and Regional Malls over our 33 years. We have completed numerous other large projects including world headquarters, hostipals, super-regional malls, military & government projects, retirement centers, department stores, hotels, restaurants, churches, large multi-use centers, office towers, and high end residential estates.

We also serve the commercial property maintenance market with award-winning professional maintenance services. Our maintenance clients include regional shopping malls in multiple states, lifestyle shopping centers, apartment complexes, office towers, corporate headquarters, churches, restaurants and residential estates. 

Our prices are competitive, our services are dependable and on time, and our products are always top quality. We guarantee our work. We are fully insured and bondable. We do not believe that quality services and products are expensive-----we believe that they are priceless. 


Our Mission

 ​To provide professional and personalized landscape planning, design, installation, maintenance, and special services for Commercial Clients across the United States.

Service excellence is our goal. 

To provide professional and personalized landscape services to commercial clients across America who require top quality service and landscape materials and on-time performance. To continue to be a market-leader in the installation of military & government projects, regional shopping malls, lifestyle shopping centers, residential estates, and projects of scope that require the expertise that we can offer. To aggressively broaden our portfolio of property maintenance and enhancement clients by soliciting businesses who desire a provider of high-quality dependable services. To price our services in a manner that is fair to our clients and which allows us to consistently provide the services that those who choose us expect and deserve. 


Our Vision


To continue to be widely recognized across America as a provider of professional landscape services for large scale projects.

We are a major provider of landscape installation services to the commercial market, ranking in the top quartile of companies providing such services. We will continue to grow our company as a provider of professional, on-time, high quality, full service landscape installations for projects of large scope. We will continue to be a major provider of commercial property maintenance services as well as high end residential estates.